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This year, LTJF is declaring October 2020


Help celebrate the Luke TATSU Johnson Foundation’s 4th anniversary


As we take our fundraising efforts virtual this year, Team TATSU invites you to MOVE 4 LUKE this October!   Register to get out and MOVE 3.62 miles – the length of one of Luke’s favorite local courses, Skylinks Golf Course in Long Beach, CA.

Be a MOVER and MOVE Team TATSU towards our fundraising goals!

linkS 4 LUKE

We invite you to join Team TATSU and play a round of golf anywhere you can during the weekend of October 16-18 (or anytime during the month of October).  Play any 18 holes you like, whether it is your local public course, your country club, or a destination course of your dreams.


Let’s hit the links together, from afar, and fight pediatric cancer!  



  • MOVE 4 LUKE anywhere you choose during Luke-toberfest! Walk, run, bike, paddle, swim, dance, skateboard, or surf for at least 3.62 miles.

  • MOVERS RECEIVE our first ever TEAM TATSU gaiter/face mask & participation medal

  • FUNDRAISE as an individual or rally your friends together and form your own Team TATSU to elevate your fundraising power

  • SHARE how you MOVE 4 LUKE by posting photos of you and your team members while you MOVE 4 LUKE

  • $40/Adult, $20/Child Under 18

linkS 4 LUKE details

  • TEE IT HIGH...LET TATSU FLY anywhere during Luke-toberfest! Spread the word and share the details of LINKS 4 LUKE with all of your friends and family

  • GOLFERS RECEIVE a Team TATSU swag bag that includes our first ever bucket hat and other golf goodies

  • PRIZES for fun challenges: Best Outfit, Farthest Course from Long Beach, Most Exotic Course, Best Celebrity Selfie

  • SHARE your LINKS 4 LUKE day by posting photos of you and your team members while you tee it high...let TATSU fly!

  • $75/Individual Golfer, $300/Foursome




tat - su | \ ˈtät(ˌ)sü \

起 (tatsu) meaning "rouse, get up" 

健 (tatsu) meaning "healthy, strong"

建 (tatsu) meaning "build"

達 (tatsu) meaning "accomplished,

reach, arrive, attain"

辰 (tatsu) meaning "sign of the dragon" 

Luke Tatsu was born in 2000,

the year of the Dragon


teem tat - su | \ teem ˈtät(ˌ)sü \

a determined group of

activists joining together

to rise up & take action to

support the LTJF foundation

and to honor

the life of Luke Tatsu Johnson


Thanks to your generosity and support of the Luke TATSU Johnson Foundation, our 2019 Golf & Dinner event was a huge success!  


We are thrilled to announce that we donated $75,000 to Rally Foundation to sponsor 3 research grants and awarded $4,000 in scholarships to the qualifying Wilson Boys & Girls Golf team seniors. 


In total, this is a 25% increase over last year's fundraising efforts and will allow us to fund up to 3 pediatric cancer research grants.


Thank you for your love and generous support.


Through the work of the Luke TATSU Johnson Foundation, we celebrate Luke’s life while expanding educational opportunities and lending a hand to other young people and families facing a diagnosis of childhood cancer.  

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