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Congratulations team tatsu!

Thank you team Tatsu!

Together, we can find a cure for childhood cancer!

Luke-toberfest 2023

In 2023 Team TATSU raised $48,500!

We will be evaluating grants to fund in 1Q24

Please stay tuned for updates!

Mark your calendars: 
Luke-toberfest 2024 In-Person Event
October 4, 2024

show us how you

Use the links below to share pics of your
Luke-toberfest activties!

On October 5, the LTJF Board kicked off
Luke-toberfest with a 6 am Move 4 Luke walk on the beach path in Long Beach. 


Many thanks to our Team tatsu

Sabine Cain · Kelly Cernok · Lily Coomans · Lisa Dissman · Juliette Dunbar · Amy Guy · Betty Johnson · Raquel Landworth-Kleinhenz · Jodie MacCrory · Tracy Manning · Amy Marshall · Kevin McInerny · Brad Miyasato · Kevin O'Leary · Cary Ornelas · Dan Ornelas · Christine Pettway · Sean Pettway · Ken Schafer · Joslyn Semichy · Jeanine Skjonsby · Lori Stuart · Deanne Traut · Helen Vidor · Anjie Ward

--Your efforts make Luke-toberfest possible 

luke-toberfest 2022 impact


Johns Hopkins UniversitY

Targeting HMGA1 Enhancers in MLL-r Pediatric Leukemia


Stanford University

Evaluation of Neoantigen-Specific T Cells in Human Murine Model of AMK


Rally Foundation matched these grants doubling the impact of our donation to $150,000!

luke-toberfest 2022 impact

dr. aniruddah deshpande

Sanford Burnham Prebys

genetic and epigenetic abnormalities in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

Wilson High School


Academic scholarships


our total impact

Because of your generosity,

Team TATSU has donated


2017 - 2022


Let's Exceed the half-million mark in 2023

Support Our


Get involved

Volunteer &

Auction Donations


We Honor Lori Steiner Reed

Lori Steiner Reed was diagnosed with duodenal cancer in October 2022. She braved nine difficult months of chemotherapy and multiple stays in the hospital. In June 2023, Lori made the difficult decision to stop chemo treatment and concentrate on time with her family. On July 16, 2023 Lori passed away at her home with her family by her side.


To honor Lori’s legacy, the Reed family has elected to support the Luke Tatsu Johnson Foundation. Luke was special to the Reed family - a fellow Los Altos neighbor and a dear friend to Lori’s son, Evan.

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